Many, many years a go I was fascinated with plastic toy soldiers, every other week Grandad would buy me another pack and my collection grew. At some point, Football took over and the plastic pile dissipated and long lost was my love affair.
Then one day, twenty years on I was on holiday and I picked up the book by Harry Pearson ‘Actung Schweinehund!’ and bang my affair was back on!

The book for those that don’t know, was about a grown man and his affair with collecting miniatures!
Well from that day on I realised I actually had the money to start my collection again. I then discovered many like minded people (Id hidden it for a few years!) and I joined a games group. Oh how my wife was pleased (insert – highly embarrassed) and my new life was set!

Anyhow after collecting EVERY period Ive began focusing on Sci Fi…well more future war and low and behold ‘Tomorrows War rules appeared! After looking at many figures, I thought….sod it. I can do this and produce the troops that I wanted ,so I have. First up were my and well received Neo Sovs – Russian United States of the Kirov – known as the R.U.S.K’s , then I came up with my Commonwealth Brits. These I funded successfully through the kickstarter process, learning an awful lots about miniature making.

Time has moved on and I eventually ran additional cold war successful kickstarters and a small business called armiesarmy! This in turn outgrew me and I sold it on. Despite all of that the itch remained and I have started a new company called Armybits to continue to develop cold war figures 🙂