13 thoughts on “Welcome to ArmyBits – A cold war gaming site

  1. David Johnson says:

    Good to see you are up and running again. I am very keen on the following British kit;
    Chieftain Mk11, stillbrew with TOGS. I’d be interested in 14 of these.
    Samson recovery vehicle
    Warrior command vehicle(split doors at rear)
    FV432 Engineer vehicles

  2. briansmith446 says:

    Hi Keith, just ‘bumped’ into your website and after a quick browse I am really looking forward to the shop going live.
    I got into collecting team yankee miniatures recently and this has sparked an interest in the cold war period. Your rules also look interesting as they are suitable for solo games.
    Being an ex Royal Engineer I would love to see a cet in the lineup.
    Look forward to making some purchases very soon.
    Best wishes and stay safe

    • keith says:

      Hi Brian
      Always nice to see ex servces people here 🙂 A CET has been asked by a few peopel, so I will certainly add it to the list!

  3. Poul Christian Secher says:

    Hi all,
    Joined the Danish army in 1991, (Still serving as an army major), I just missed the Cold War. However, much of the equipment was still the same as used earlier. Really happy with the new NORTHAG rules from PSC, I keen to build a Danish force for the 80’s period. Much equipment can be sourced from the West German and US arsenals, but there are a few exceptions…. One being the Landrover (Short wheelbase) with TOW. IMHO, this would make a great addition to the Wistlist. Also, the Danish infantry is a challenge, with a mix of WW2 vintage equipment, camuflage uniforms and a mix of Swedish and German weapons. These would also make a worthy subject for the Wishlist.

    • keith says:

      Hi Poul

      Good to hear from a serviceman! 🙂 Are you gaming 15mm or 10mm ? Id love to do the Danish and have some work already completed. I have the M41 upgrade as well as a Landrover 88! I also have the MUTT TOW version for an earlier period or reserves? The Landrover needs a little work as I need to remove the canvas hood. I will drop you an email with some pics if you are ok with that?

      • pcsecher says:

        Hi Keith,
        I’m doing 15mm, and backed your recent KS for some Soviet airborne opponents. Tempted by the 10mm scale for the scope for larger battles , but 1. I’m not to keen to do terrain ect. in a new scale, 2. I already have a substantial collection in 15mm and 3. I actually don’t like the new PSC restic models that much…
        I’m the guy unable to contain my enthusiasm about Danes on FB yesterday, as well 😉

  4. KEVIN says:

    Hi got the Soviet KS inf – cant wait to paint them. At one time you had some of the soviet airborne vehicles ? any way keep it going !

  5. sam says:

    Hey Keith, just wondering, if something’s on back order (like the soviet spetsnaz) how long will it be? A couple or weeks or a couple of months? Thanks

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