Welcome to the Armbits bits ’50 club’ !

The 50 club is an idea I am going to run to see what models people would like to see. This is not a pre order as such as I will not ask for payment of this model, until this model is ready for produciton and sale. This will allow me to create more unsual vehicles and the number we need to reach may differ depending on the vehicle. Once I see reach the number, I will then send you a note/reminder that the models are ready for your purchase and whilst this is not a ‘contract for sale’ in any way Id hope you can fufill your commitment! 

Please feel free to send me suggestions! I will give the idea my fullest attention! 🙂

Current models in the pipeline include


M48a2 ag2 

M728 CEV 

Danish M41 -DK1

Norwegian NM-116

British Army Bedford Truck 1980’s

Unimog variants 1980s




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